House Extensions in Hillingdon | The Benefits of Extending Your Home

If you find yourself in poor or cluttered conditions, consider the benefits that come from extending the home. Remember, moving away from your Hillingdon house may seem like the only option, but the process is often a tough challenge. FTA Construction Ltd provides house extensions to local homeowners in the area. As builders with a great reputation, we work hard to make your dream of extending a cost-effective reality.


When looking to extend your Hillingdon or West London home, you need a team with the skills, experience and creative talent to match. We believe that our experts are a perfect choice. Below, we discuss the benefits of extending your current house over moving to a new property.


A Breathable Living Space – It’s a sad fact that many of us spend our lives in smaller conditions than we deserve. Not only does this impact our daily lives, but also leads to clutter as we collect new items. House extensions expand the home in the direction most suited to you – giving you more room or even an extra floor where feasible.


A Bespoke Environment – So you know that an extension will give you a more spacious home in the Hillingdon area, but you haven’t considered how this can benefit your family. Consider this; when you buy a new house, you tend to work around the available space. House extensions are tailored to you, with all needs considered at the outset by your chosen builders. This can make your new space far more useful than standard rooms.


Function and Form – Extending won’t just update your home with additional space. Instead, it will give you a workable area in which to cook, paint, work out or play games. Homeowners in Hillingdon and the nearby regions often enjoy a relaxed dinner space or new bedroom courtesy of our expert builders. From conservatories and sunrooms to multi-storey projects, we work to your plans and include your ideas as much as possible.


A Worthy Investment – By calling us for house extensions, you make the most of your home for future buyers. A property in the Hillingdon area with a well-crafted extension will sell for more than a smaller one. In fact, even the most basic lean-to or extra bedroom can pay off later when you finally choose to move away.


A Stress-Free Experience – Here at FTA Construction Ltd, we take pride in giving you a great service. Our builders understand the need to work to the agreed schedule and will be thrilled to help improve your Hillingdon home in any way they can. Calling a team for single- or multi-storey house extensions proves far less stressful than buying a new house, as it lets you stay in the same school district, near the shops you know and close to the ones you love.


Extending can give you the advantages of a new property, but with the comforts of your current home. Please get in touch to speak with a professional about your needs or to arrange for a free quotation.

Would you like to learn more about the house extensions we provide to homeowners in the Hillingdon area? Please call our builders on 07894 101091.