Loft Conversions in Hillingdon | What to Consider Before You Convert

It’s no secret that loft conversions can give you more space in the home. Less known are the various types available. From complex mansard and hip-to-gable conversions to simple dormers and rooflights, they all achieve a more useful environment and increase resale value. At FTA Construction Ltd, we turn old, dark areas into modern rooms with a style that suits the home. Our builders work to your plans from the outset and have become a favourite for loft conversions, house extensions and more in the Hillingdon area.


In this blog post, we look at some things to keep in mind before you jump in with the conversion process. If you’d like some advice from a time-served team, speak with FTA Construction Ltd.


Consider Its Purpose – There’s no point calling your local builders in Hillingdon or West London for a decorative new bedroom if you really want an office or children’s play space. Intent is a key aspect of the planning process, and this gives you a great starting point where you can voice your ideas. This also provides us with a clear picture of what you’d like to achieve in the longer term.


Common requests include bedrooms, en-suites, offices and game rooms. In each case, our builders use only high-quality materials and deliver precise workmanship.


Structural Work – Attic spaces in the Hillingdon area come in various shapes and sizes. Loft conversions make the most of the floor space available but can also achieve extra headroom if you’re willing to look at more than just rooflights. Hip-to-gable conversions are great for expanding the liveable area because they remove the slope – ideal for a new desk, bed or sofa.


Dormers are the most popular as they offer more space, with fewer structural changes than mansard and hip-to-gable loft conversions. Our builders provide all conversion types and will work to assess the feasibility of your upcoming project.


Planning Permission – It’s worth noting that big changes to your Hillingdon home need permission from the local authority. If you fail to apply, they could have you undo the work entirely. For this reason, you should always contact a trusted team of builders who can advise you accordingly. Party wall agreements are also important, as they help to ensure your neighbours are happy with the project.


Not all loft conversions demand planning permission. Rooflight installations and even dormers may fall under permitted development, depending on the extent of the changes to the home.


Choose the Most Reliable Builders – when done right, loft conversions can give your Hillingdon or West London home a new lease of life. This makes choosing the right team an important task. FTA Construction Ltd arrives fully equipped, sources the best materials around and gives regular updates as often as you like. To make your dreams a reality, get in touch for a free quote today.

Please call our builders on 07894 101091 to learn more about loft conversions or to arrange for a free quotation, either in Hillingdon or the surrounding areas.