Loft Conversions in Hillingdon and the Surrounding Areas

If you find your home is no longer big enough for your needs, loft conversions are an excellent way to create additional space without the hassle of moving. Suitable for a large variety of uses, these are a popular option for customers across Hillingdon and West London. As experienced, builders, we construct all types of extensions to provide the best results for your space.


Through careful assessment and planning, we come up with ideal solutions to meet customer requirements. The most suitable style of conversion depends on numerous factors, including budget, existing attic space and project intent. Working closely with clients throughout design and construction, our builders meet all expectations.


Different types of loft conversions we regularly provide include:


  • Mansard
  • Hip to Gable
  • Dormer
  • Roof Light


Each has its advantages, which we discuss with you thoroughly when determining the best option for your project.

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No matter the style, loft conversions offer a range of benefits. Customers of FTA Construction Ltd enjoy:


Increased Energy Efficiency


With improved levels of insulation, less heat escapes through the roof. Because heat rises from the rest of the home to warm your conversion, the cost of heating the new space is minimal. Given these benefits, you could make big savings on your energy bills.


Furthermore, because loft conversions generally have large windows, they are filled with plenty of natural light – meaning there is less need for artificial lighting during the day.


Additional Living Space


The need for extra space is the main reason our builders construct attic conversions in the Hillingdon area. These are relatively cheap and timely construction projects that don’t always need planning permission.


A significant advantage of conversions is that they can fulfil a wide scope of needs. From bedrooms and bathrooms to home offices and playrooms, we provide the perfect space for your unique requirements.


House extensions are another great way to create additional living space, but they require more complex planning and are subject to further restrictions. However, they do offer the opportunity to add multiple rooms. We can even combine them with loft conversions.


Increased Home Value


As well as providing numerous benefits in the present day, attic conversions add a significant amount of value to your property if you ever decide to sell up. Loft conversions carried out by professional builders can add an extra 20% to the value of your home in Hillingdon or the surrounding areas.


With so many properties on the market, potential buyers keep an eye out for additional features which make homes stand out. Attic conversions are an ideal way to enhance your space without breaking the bank.


Committed to the highest standard of service in Hillingdon and the nearby areas, FTA Construction Ltd provides all plumbing and electrical work for your conversion. This ensures you can enjoy an efficient and cost-effective solution, with a finished space that brings your ideal living space to life.

For more information about the loft conversions we provide to customers in Hillingdon, West London and the nearby areas, please call our builders on 07894 101091.

Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 9
Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 10
Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 9
Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 10
Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 9
Landscaping Services in Hillingdon 10